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Tuesday, December 24, 2013



How long Halt ye, between two opinions? Worship
Yahveh or Satan! THE VOICE OF ELIJAH!

I am writing to the members of my family, both flesh and Spiritual because I love you and want you all to know the truth about holidays and Father’s Holy Kodesh Days. I would also like to know why professing Christians especially those within my own family regularly observe Pagan holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween, yet you do not even observe the very days that the Bible and even Christ our Yahshua Messiah Himself clearly commands?

Did some man lie to you and tell you that we don't need to observe these days anymore, that our Holy Kodesh Days have been changed from Father’s Holy Days to Christmas, Easter and Halloween? That is a LIE!

It is of great importance to me that all within my family flesh and Spiritual know the truth. Does it make a difference which days to keep? ARE YOU WORSHIPPING A FALSE GOD WHEN YOU WORSHIP THESE DAYS? After all when you observe these Pagan god days that is what you're doing, you are worshipping Baal, (Satan)! Why ye halt between two opinions? If Yahveh be God then follow Him and observe His Holy Kodesh Days! If Baal be god then follow him and continue to worship his Pagan days! THE VOICE AND SPIRIT OF ELIJAH!

I want you to know that it does impact our understanding of what kind of God we worship and what the great purpose is being worked out here on earth.

Sadly, we grew up as Jehovah’s Witnesses and basically took for granted all that we were taught about God, Christ and religion. Very few people do as I was guided to in Father’s Spirit and never usually even bother even after reaching adulthood to actually study and genuinely prove why they believe what they believe. It just seems to be easier to follow the crowd and just go along with whatever we have been taught.

As you know ever since childhood I have been on fire for Father and very active in the Kingdom Hall giving talks before the whole congregation before the age of four. By the age of six I was already conducting my own in home personal Bible studies and spending many hours in the field service work, knocking on doors preaching the good news. However, I in Spirit never stopped learning from Father’s Word, even as I grew up in this Cult and in the Synagogues of Satan. As I grew-up in Father’s Spirit at a young age into a deeper understanding of His Word the Holy Kodesh Spirit has then taught me and even given me a more deeper understanding of Father’s truth than before. I after many years of in-depth Spirit Bible study came to the understanding that the Jehovah’s Witnesses and many other Churches I researched and followed over the years are all built upon verses taken out of Scripture, twisted for their own selfish benefit and are taken out of contex as well. Therefore, we must judge and try or test all other doctrine to determine whether or not it lines up with Scripture. Never let a Church or Pastor, not even this Pastor tell you what to believe. Always allow the Holy Kodesh Spirit to bring you to the truth. And this done in Spirit and privately in study with Father, in the comfort for your own home.

Not only have I studied with the Witnesses and the Protestant Church but Father sent me on a Mission and I studied them all. I have studied and looked deeply into Catholicism and have been ordained by Father’s Holy Kodesh Spirit. However, I know how the world works and I am very aware that it is important for one to earn credentials in their field of interest. This is why Father sent me to study and earn my earthly credentials with B.C.A Bible College of America and Seminary. After all the world cares not about my credentials from Father. They care not that Father has ordained me. They want to see a paper degree from a college. So I earned my Masters degree to be followed by my Doctorate, if I so desired. This offers me the ability to teach with the best of them the Word of God that Father has given and revealed to me also as an ordained Minister or Pastor ordained also by a Seminary of the world. They taught me nothing but more lies. However, I was a straight A+ student of their lies, because I know them all. I was raised in the Synagogues of Satan where Satan sits and teaches, not Father! I know all their lies, that is why Father sent me to His Children. I know the truth when I hear it. I know Father’s Voice and Message! I also know in Spirit when I hear Lies!

I only teach what Father gives me in Spirit, I don’t teach the vain imaginations of ignorant men!

It’s only after all this studying that I was guided in Spirit to understand that Yahveh wants me to first help my earthly family and also my Spiritual family in understanding that the single greatest tool that the devil has used to try to crush Christianity is religion. In the last days there will be an abundance of false prophets and false religions, remember there is a Spiritual War that is Now Raging!

No false doctrine or false religion is effective unless it is close to the truth, just as the angel of (false) light would have it. The Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Baptists along with the Shepherd’s Chapel Cult are in my Spirit opinion the closest to the truth, which makes them the most dangerous to those who are not grounded in the truth.

I think that you all have carelessly assumed or have been wrongly taught by one of Satans highly trained false teachers or fake shepherd’s that the Bible teaches us to observe Pagan holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Have you also falsely assumed that Yahshua our Christ, our example observed these Pagan holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween?

If so, you could not have been more WRONG!

A vital Key to remember in trying to understand why so many professing Christians celebrate and worship these false little god days is to realize that the vast majority of all Christians are not Christians, they are fakes, and their Priests, Pastors and Scholars like them have not seriously tried to follow the example of Yahshua our Christ or the original Apostles. They want to pick and choose what to teach and what not to teach! What Scriptures to believe, and what Scriptures to throw away! They pick, not Father what days they and their false Churches will observe and worship! These are called in Father’s Word of the Synagogue of Satan, or fake and false Brethren who do lie and say, “We are Jews, and of Judah,” but do lie!

We are not to accommodate the Pagans around us!

Yahshua the Christ warned the religious leaders of His day, “All to well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your traditions (Mark 7:9).

Notice carefully Christ’s comment about rejecting the commandment of God by keeping human traditions. This is definitely the case when we consider which days God made Holy and Kodesh, you can not serve two Masters! No one keeps the days introduced by the Pagans and also observes the Biblical Holy Kodesh Days that Father commands and which Christ Himself observed.

You must make a choice! You must choose!

Yahveh or Satan!

You have to choose between following Christ, or following the Catholic Church who injected layer after layer of Paganism into professing Christianity.

True Christians do not celebrate Christmas, Easter or Halloween!

John that Revelator
The Voice and Spirit of Elijah
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