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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Daniel the Prophets End-Time Visions Revealed, The Kings of the South and North

10/5/13 John W.Thompson
Overseer/Pastor/ Editor in Chief of
The Church of God at SMYRNA
The Little Book

Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year,  in the tenth month,  in the fifth day of the month,  as I was among the captives,  that the heavens and little book were opened,
and I saw visions of God, and His Words and Revelations came to me.
And I looked,  and behold, a Whirlwind came out of the North
REMEMBER,This;The United States and Father's Children are again fighting against Bible Prophecy?  Says Isaiah in Spirit!
ALMOST no other nations support America.
The U.S., has tried to isolate Iran and has failed!
Iran is destroying the peace process in the Middle East singlehandedly. Iran has started and is now fueling the Islamic Locust armies and uprisings in the Middle East (sons of Ishmael, Abrahams son by Hager the Egyptian).
However, the whole world will continue to talk about peace. As Father has revealed to us before in our many Smyrna Blogs and writings, as well as those of Philadelphias, that
Iran and redical Islam (the son's of Ishmael,  Abrahams son by Hagar the Egyptian, are  also part of the Locust Armies. Iran and redical Islam don't want peace,  and words will not
deter them.
This jihad, which is the Arab cry for holy War, will soon get their way.  However,
this will lead to the worst sufferings this planet has ever experienced.
The prophet Daniel wrote about a yet future confrontation between the King of the North and the King of the South.
We are now in the time when these two major power's are quickly Rising!
The King of the South is stirring up troubles as well as are the various tribes of the Kenites and Satan's Elect also, even today.   It is very critical that Father's Children know what the
true identity of this prophesied power is, or Daniel will have prophesied in vain.
As Father has already given me insight on this subject, I have broadcast and published these precious truths on Smyrnas and Philadelphias website.
The King of the North and the King of the South are two world powers about to clash in this
now end time.
So all of God's True Church known in Father's Word as the "Many" Member Body of Christ
must know who "They" are and what's really going on. Not with your thoughts or my thoughts or what you think,  or what you've been falsely taught by some man or Church!
I'm talking 100% Truth.  Real Truth straight from Father's Word and mouth, and returned
as well as restored only thru His Very Election in Spirit as well as in  Word to this very generation!...We are Father's True Ministers of Fire and Truth!
Both World Power's are NOW Rising fast on the World scene right NOW.  This great Biblical
clash of Titans is about to happen and Will Shake up the whole world as never before!
This Great Clash is Great News, but the bad News is, it will lead us to World War!
I, John your Revelator Father,  also want in the SPIRIT, as do you Father to prove to the
world and to your Children your Words Stand!   That as Daniel prophesied, and your Word
says, Islamic extremism IS going to be the King of the South, and they will be, and are being
led by Iran.   Father's Children and the world,  Must Understand!
Let's in Spirit,  first take a look at the Simple expression "time of the end", The King of the
North and the King of the South Wake-Up and Arise in the "time of the end" (Daniel 11:40).
Daniel 12:4 also mentions the "time of the end".
Notice Daniel 12:9: "And he said, go thy way,  Daniel: for the Words are closed up and sealed till the Time of the End".   This is also the exact same time that Father is Sealing His Truth and all His End-Time Revelations to the Very Elect.
They have NOW been unsealed!   Fathers Sealing NOW, only HIS Very Elect,  and Elect that
Openly claim that they are Christ's Elect!   NOT SHEPHERDS ELECT,  OR ANYONES ELECT!  YAHSHUA'S ELECT!
Fathers Very Elect are Now being Sealed with Father's Truth, Not a Man's or Satans!
Remember,  Satan also has Elect!   THEY CLAIM NOT FATHER'S ELECT,  but Someone Else's Elect.
Remember,  there is a Good Shepherd,  and a Bad Shepherd!
There are Big Brothers and Sisters,  and Little Brothers and Sisters!
With the Simplicity of all Christ's True Teachings!
There ARE YAHVEH'S Elect,  and YAHSHUA'S Elect.   There's TWO ELECTIONS people!   Get it right,  Now.   There is everything in a Name especially in these end Times and Who your Claiming!  pick your Camp, NOW,  in Christ Jesus name. Pick your Father,  there's also Two!  If the Lord be God,  follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him!  How long halt ye between Two options and camp's?  "I, even I only, remain a Prophet of the Living Lord; but Baal's prophets are "Many" Now even more than four hundred and fifty men and false Churches!   The Voice of Elijah,  again in Spirit!
This is the Last Time Little Children, also says John from Patmos in Spirit!
Remember,  the Very Elect are Elders,  big Brothern in Spirit of the Living God.   We were only sent to the Lost Sheep of all the House's of Israel,  these are Christ's Elect and are Students only to Father's Spirit!   WHY, asks He Who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks (or Churches)?
Because I shall loose,  not One to the Synagogues of Satan!   These things saith the First
and the Last,  Which was dead,  and is Alive; He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit has been saying unto the Churches.  These things saith He (not me) that is Holy, He That is True,  He That hath the Key of David,  He That openeth, and no MAN shutteth, and
shutteth, and no MAN openeth!  I know thy works. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:be zealous therfore,  and repent!
REPENT,  REPENT,  REPENT; the Kingdom of Heaven is at the Doors, says the One whom set straight the Path for Christ's Coming,  First and Last,  John the Baptist also with you all
in Spirit!
BEHOLD ELIJAH IS come already,  and will once more be Witnessed and seen in the Streets.
After this I looked, and behold,  a door was opened in Heaven: and the first voice which I
heard was as it were a trumpet talking with me, which said,  "Come up hither,  and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter".
And immediately I was in Spirit...
Remember,  Daniel 11:40?
This is when in Heaven Michael Stands Up!  This Great Prince which Standeth for the Children of thy people: and there shall be a Time of Trouble, remember Jacob?   such as never was since there
was a nation,  even to that Same Time: and at this Time thy people shall also be Delivered,  everyone of us shall be "now" found "Written in the Little Book" says Daniel in Spirit,  Daniel
12:1 all of the Election,  and "Many" more!
This is also at the same Time when there will be unparalleled world evil and violence,  and
God's people are Delivered from this Great Tribulation.
This is a "Now" "New" prophecy and Revelation from our Father!
This "Push" according to Daniel 11:40 tells us that this "Push" happens only after the Sealing of the Election,  and only after the Little Book of John and Daniel are finished being
revealed and then broadcast and "Freely"published and then delivered to the world and
Father's Little Children.   You can't Sell,  or Buy Father's Truth and Word!  REPENT!  Getting Fat Selling Father's Truth,  this is why your a Dead Church Spirituality!
This is my calling and mandate from Father!
Remember,  we the Very Elect and Elect of Christ all Teach and Rule with Christ in His
Kingdom, on His Day,  the Lord's Day!
However,  Father sent some to teach now in Spirit and Confirm the Sealing that is now taking
place in these Last Days.
This is my mandate and calling from Father in Spirit!
Fathers Word in Daniel 12:9, tells us the exact Time of the End!   IT begins Now,  exactly after Daniels Vision and John's Revelation is Revealed...
So Let,  the SPIRIT SPEAK and Teach you all Things.
The Spirit says, the King of the South and North must "Now" Arise,  since the Revelation is "Now" complete and personally delivered to God's end-time Churches Smyrna and our
Sister Church down the road Philadelphia.   IT HAS been revealed to the True Church spoken of by Christ Himself!   This is the invisible Church known as the "Many" Member Body of Christ!   REMEMBER?
Smyrna and Philadelphia are known and revealed by Christ as the only True Church and also spoken of by Christ Himself!
Because only we have Father's Free True Teachings.   You can't buy or sell your Way to Heaven, even when you Falsely call it a Donation!  Get behind thee hence, Satan!
The invisible True Church (Smyrna, Philadelphia) era is also known as
The "Many" Member Body of Christ! Remember?
Smyrna is also known in Father's Word as the Spirit Church that does identity exactly Who
the True enemies are as well as the Kings and also Who the Synagogue of Satan Is! Where Satan sits and rules!
God is Now talking to His End-Time SMYRNAEANS and PHILADELPHIANS personally and
Verily,  Verily directly.
"Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees".
Daniel also here with me said this was for a "time appointed".   REMEMBER?
It's for a Very specific time period-My time,  Our time.   And right up to the Very End,  says
Daniel in Spirit,  some of you Will Fall.   We Daniel have already in God's House (Church) seen that already happen, says the Revelator in Spirit!
Remember,  the word in verse 35, with all the Simplicity of Christ's Teachings means to
"Smelt" like refining and smelting metal.
It means Firery Trials.  Even when "Others" Come into this remnant (grafted in) and understand,  they can still Fall.
However, Father's Very Elect will not,  can not, and won't.  However,  the Others can!
Remember the Apostasy?  Should we be shocked if we loose a few of "Them"?
Father, says that according to Daniels vision it will continue to happen right up to the End.
We are at WAR, and at WAR, there are casualties.
Will you be the next casualty?  It will happen "even to the time of the End".  Don't be Lied to!
This is dangerous knowledge.   Your Eternal Life is at Stake for God's people.
God reveals in His Word that this "Very" small, yet loyal remnant will have Spiritual and Fleshly casualties.
Father even goes further and reveals in full details about His own Church that He does not
even reveal about the King of the South.
This is Simply because what we do or don't do has Eternal consequences.
There are going to be casualties in the coming world war,  and there are also going to be
casualties in our Spiritual War.
However,  we have earned our positions in this Spiritual War from the beginning of the earth ages.
And if we stick with God the Father and His Spirit,  not a Man, or with Man's teachings, or even with the traditions and commandments of Men, then we will never be a Spiritual
Remember God's Elect?
"But in his estate shall he honor the God of forces: and a god whom his Father's knew not
shall he honor with gold and silver,  and with precious Stones,  and pleasant things" verse 38.   First of all, where it says "God of forces", god should not be capitalized.   This man is
worshipping a god that his Spiritual Father's did not know.
"In his estate" Simply means he's sitting in the seat of the God of gods.   This is a special
parallel prophecy to 2 Thessalonians 2:4.  He is in God's seat saying that he is God-Not in
or by his words, but by his deeds!
For the estate, the margin says stead (Gesenius Lexicon says "in his place") He's in the
place of Christ.   The seat and place he's always wanted!   The exact place where his Great
Fall took place!   We remember,  we were there and Witnessed it!  This took place and is
happening in God's Sanctuary.   This Man has betrayed God!
The "god of forces" is a demon evil Army.
Don't be Lied to by Satan,  he doesn't want you to know that
Satan and his Fallen Angeles have been cast down to this earth (Revelation 12:9,12) says that Revelator in Spirit,  and they are even more evil and wrathful than ever before.  This is
because they all know that "Their" time is short.   God is now about to Cast them into outer
This demon army is Now fighting God's Truths and True Church-Spiritual Israel-most of all.
Then it will also attack the nations of Israel.
These demons now are stirring up the Kenites,  Locust Army and the Gentiles against God, His people and America,  as well as the Jew's in the Middle East and British people's also.   It is going to intensify until they destroy our nation's.
Remember Father has "Chosen" His "Very Elect" to warn the nation's of Israel and His
This is the Message that the Spirit sends that Father's Children "Must" heed, and they can
either heed it now-or after the punishment is over.
You can not Escape!  There is no Escaping this End-Time Elect Message of God's if we Are to be in God's Kingdom as Kings and Priests.
God's Message and all His Prophets our with us and is like Christ, in our midst.
However,  says Elijah in Spirit most will not listen until it is too late-physically.  Just as in
the Days of Noah,  says Enoch also here in Spirit!
"And when this Cometh to pass, ( lo, it will Come), then shall "They" know that a Prophet hath been Among "Them" says Ezekiel in Spirit (Ezekiel 33:33).  They finally do learn that
there was a Prophet of the Living God already in their Midst after the Great Tribulation has
long struck.   Not several Prophets from what I've seen Father,  only One Father have I also
confirmed in Spirit!
I John the Revelator,  of the "John Class" in Spirit and Flesh,  did come to give witness to the Light,  and of the Light, and the Lights,  I will again Bear
Witness and Record before Father and His Angels in Heavenly Court of all I have seen and
heard,  as well as I, says John also here in Spirit, of the things that you also have given me
Father,  We are your Witnesses!
And, I Am yours,  says the Only One and True Witness!
I, John the Revelator, of the House of the Church of God at SMYRNA,  bear Witness;
"Behold" Michael The Powerful Loyal Archangel Has Already Risen Up To Protect God's Very Elect.  Our need for that protection will intensity in these "Now" troubled times ahead.
Do you want that protection?
God protects those Saints who "turn Many to righteousness" says I in Spirit Daniel 12:3.  This is in the same context of the King of the South.
Getting out Daniels message is why Smyrna and Philadelphia God's True Church truly do
understand God's revealed Truth and exciting New Revelations...
They are "The Wise" Truly Father,  says Daniel...
We Will Shine like the Stars and the Brightness of the Firmament Forever!
We Are The Bride of Christ!
We Have Our Oil;
Go Buy Some at the Shepherds Chapel Book Stores,  Can't Have Ours!
Silence in Heaven!
for the marriage of the Lamb is Come,  and His Wife hath made herself ready.
"Write", Blessed are they which are Called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb".
And the Spirit of the Bride say,  Come,
And let him that heareth say, Come.  And
let him that is athirst come.  And whosoever will, let him take the water of Life freely.
He Which testifieth these things saith,
"Surely I Come quickly".  Amen.   Even so,
come,  Lord Jesus.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
 be with you all.   Amen
John the Revelator
the Church of the Living God at SMYRNA

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