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Thursday, January 31, 2013

DON'T TREAD ON ME! Letter to Owner/Rivers End RV Park

1/25/13 Pastor John Thompson

Pastor John The Revelator
The Church Of Smyrna
13130 Soledad Canyon Rd, Lot#37
Santa Clarita, Ca 91390

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; and all church
foundations; that are False; Fake; Lying; Cheating; Deceivers...
To you and all your fake, false church non-profit foundations who lie
cheat rob and steal from Gods (He Who IS, and Was, and IS TO COMES) Children. "I AM
AGAINST YOU! "Behold" it is written. I was sent to also SOUND the WARNING. To him/them John and Lori your tenants (overcomers) that overcometh, will I give to eat of the tree of life, which
is in the midst of the Paradise of God.
And unto the angel of the Church in/of Smyrna write; These things saith the First and the
Last, Which was dead, and is Alive!
I know the many good works of John and Lori as well as the Smyrna members there at your RV Park/Paridise of God; and the
many piblic trials and tribulations you have caused them (Mr. Rv Park Owner/Polish Catholic Church Foundation owner, which is set up only to be a false and fake
church/polish foundation, and bad/evil property mismanagers who do bad business with Gods Elect and are Satans very own elect. You Psychics/Sorcerers/Witchs/and Wizards.
I know the blasphemy of them (You, Yours, Others) who say they are Catholic Christians operating your fake,false Church Foundations only to rob the State of California and Gods Very Elect but are not, but are of, and part of, the synagogues of Satan, where Satans seat is:
I John, who will bare record against you all and give tesimony before the Courts, and before Father Himself, where I stand, do Charge you all before my Fathers throne, the courts, and all Gods elect for taking their money
every month for over 13 months now and not using it to make repairs here when nessary and
never in a timely manner.
As you know you and your management have taken advantage and misused our services. The charge against you is that you did these dasterdly deeds to Father's Elect after I personaly warned you. Both you and your management have lied and robbed
me of my time and money which is spent in the Lords service.
I have been before two different judges in two different courtrooms in different Divisions to file cases against you, your management, and your
ken'ite friends. We did win both court cases.
Since then you and your management as well as other Kenite/Tenants all being crooked and hardhearted have been againslt my Father as well as me
my wife and our Church members by illegal retaliation against us all because we had the
odasity to exercise our God given legal rights to gather a lawful assembly to preach. I know you and your church foundation are not operating within legal civil, federal laws.
I know your not used to seeing people standing up for their rights. You abuse the weak
and the helpless or unlearned. I will always STAND against Satan and his elect. Father has His elect. Satan has his elect. We (the elect) of YAHVEH will always stand against Satan/Evil and whats wrong.
Whats wrong, is again you have served us illegal papers trying again to retaliate against
us by trying to use the excuse your trying to making repairs. We do not by law need to move in
order for repairs to be made. Your letter dated January 17, 2013 was all the legal proof Needed
for me to prove to the Judge that you were made well aware of these problems.
The problems here are very serious, not just annoying, but imperils my health and safety. Thank You for fulfilling Bible prophecy by making people, (God's elect), me John the Revelator sick with your tainted well water. As I write this Blog from again the Henry Mayo Memorial Hospital. This property has a history of code violations. I
have made you and management aware of the problems and I gave you a reasonable opportunity
as well as the minimum amount of notice required by state law to get it fixed.
I can find a comparable or better RV Park if I have to move out, either voluntarily or because
the propery is closed due to code violations that I have reported. After all, I am a traveling minister of fire. However, others don't have that option. In this state, lanlords
whose buildings or propery are closed due to mismanagement or code violations, must help and
pay their tenants with relocation expenses. I will not allow you to tread on our Church members. Only a state inspector can close a building
or propery, and all tenants as well as management must leave the premises. I will with Fathers help and local Code Enforcement close you down.
I am aware that you are doing this to retaliate against us. You have been against me and my
Church even before we won our two other court battles against you. Public trials are my speciality as one of Gods Elect. This is what Gods Very Elect do.
This is your last legal notice that all harrassmet towards me my family and Church members (other
tenants) must cease immediately.
I handle people like you in courts. I've been in Real Estate twenty years doing great business with many people, and courts also dealing with Kenites in court is my destiny. This is your first rodeo, not mine. Do things legal and take me before a judge so I can
present the case I have been building against you and your management for over a year now, as my Father's Watchman. If you don't I will, (again). You will not get away with robbing and stealing from harming Gods Elect.
Serve proper recorded court papers by mail or call
me to address me.
Don't run with the big dogs, pissin like a pup!
Next time I see you it will be before a Judge. But don't forget about the Judge of Judges. I testify against and witness there also in heaven against you all...
Please reimburse me for all of 2011's rent for your breaching of your lanlord agreements
and responsibities here at your Five Star RV Park, as well as for your abuse of our services and our Church members that we have provided for
you during our 2 year Missionary stay here in California.

Pastor John Thompson
Head Pastor/District Overseer
The Church Of God at Smyrna
13130 Soledad Canyon Rd, Lot#37
Santa Clarita, Ca 91390

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