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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letter To Owner

8/31/12 Pastor John and Lori Thompson

Dear Rivers End Owner,
P.o.Box 3246
Santa Monica, Ca 90408
As you know this is now my second letter to you on this matter.
Please make the repairs our replace the power box on our lot. As my wife and I
told you and Sheryl, our many problems with all the power here at the RV Park going off and on.
These power shortages are not only interfering with our peaceful enjoyment of
our home and lot assigned us, but are also causing major appliances such as TVs,
Air Conditioners, and microwaves damage.
My wife and I have informed you of all the problems we have been experiencing here during our 12 month
stay at your RV Park with both you and your management team. In the past as I have
done when you or management did not do their jobs and make reasonable repairs, or
remove a health and safety violation, I according to state law requested the repairs
to be made and all violations removed in 30 days or I would make repairs myself at
our own expense. I have had to do this already to many times and will not be paying
for or continuing to do what you and your management won't do. Other RV Park tenants
here have asked me to advocate for them also concerning these very reasons.
It is very clear to us all here at Rivers End RV Park 13130 Soledad Canyon Rd, that you
and your managers "do not care". You are not concerned about us here and your
management is of the same mind and spirit. Even if you and your management don't
care about the unhealthy, unsafe, conditions here, we do! As a Christian Pastor and
Father I will not sit idle by and allow this to continue.
I have reported you and you management to the proper state and government agencies.
Because of these problems my wife and I have been forced to experience here at your
RV Park, we will be withholding our rent. Until repairs are made.

Thank you,
Your tenants Pastor John and Lori Thompson
13130 Soledad Canyon Rd, Lot#37
Santa Clarita Ca 91390
The Church of Smyrna
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