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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Key of David, Part 3, "Kings of the East" Russian / China, These Powers Are Going To Impact This World.

Written 3/16/11, By: Pastor John W. Thompson

Remember, the book of Daniel 12:4, is an end-time book. You must understand who the
Kings of the East, North, and South are, as well as who these nations are today, or
Daniel will have prophesied in vain. So God gives us the specific time and the exact
direction of where Europe's enemy is located.
Things aren't always what they seem in the world of politics. Often there is more to
an event than most people realize.
Russia's invasion of Georgia in 2008, was an example of this.
The relationship between Russia and Germany is very tense right now.
The summer of 2008 marked the beginning of a new era. We saw an extraordinary military
strike by one of the Kings of the East (Russia). China is another of those Kings. Russia
and China are right now amassing alot of power and quickly. Europe is seeing this and is
formulating a counter strategy. The whole world should see this developing and realize
what's going to happen. This will end in war.
Mark my words, Russian power is going to impact this world.
This earth is a time bomb, waiting to explode.
This world is in total madness. It is exactly the way Christ prophesied that it would
be almost 2,000 years ago. "For then shall be great tribulation such as was not since
the beginning of the world to this time. And except those days be shortened, there
should no flesh be saved (alive), but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened"
(Matthew 24:21-22).
If Christ didn't intervene and stop the madness, there would be no flesh saved alive.
Not one person or animal would be left alive.
Europe's nervousness about events in Russia gives us insight into highly terrifying
Bible prophecy. It is now coming into fulfillment. These events in Russia and Europe are
working out according to Gods master plan.
Even the Russian people don't understand why their nation is again back at the center of
global events. But you can know, all you need is to understand the Bible, which tells us
to watch worlds events, not dates.
World events will date the Bibles prophecies and reveal where we are in the overall time
frame. A dictatorial Russian government is again on the world scene, and you need to
know where it is leading. This Russian power will be able to challenge Europe when
nobody else can, including the U.S. The European Union is going to become the worlds
next number one superpower, says Bible prophecy.
Don't expect Russia to drop from the news headlines. In fact, expect Russia to ramp up
it's efforts to restore the Soviet empire.
Soon Russia will ally with China and other Asian nations.
They know that they are next on Europe's hit list, the worlds new number one superpower,
which likes to attack without warning. Germany has a big history of starting world wars,
and Germany leads the European Union. So Russia and China will gather their armies on
the borders of Europe. This move will make Europe very nervous. So much so that it will
attack Russia and China.
According to Daniel 11:44-45, "But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall
trouble him, therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to
make away many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the
glorious holy mountain, yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him."
This is where the rise of Europe and Russia is leading. It is building now even as you
read this.
The tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him (the United Europe).
That means the frightening news comes from the northeast, look on any world map and see
who is located northeast of Europe, it's Russia and China, which will soon unite.
As you will see, these prophecies get even more detailed as time goes on. They are
being fulfilled before our eyes. It's all happening just as Daniel and other prophets
prophesied thousands of years ago. Never have we seen so many prophecies fulfilled
so fast. It is our duty as Gods elect to watch and witness these prophecies as their
being fulfilled. Well Father I John whom you have given Word to revelate in these end
days to the world and your elect, do bare the record and give witness to these things
that even Daniel was not able to see or record. Thank you, YAHVEH.
All these events are bringing us toward Jesus Christs second coming, and all of Gods
elect say, come quickly, YAHSHUA...

Pastor John The Revelator...

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