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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"The Average Person"

The average Person, in the average home has a Bible somewhere on a shelf with a layer
of dust on it from neglect. Most people who consider themselves "Christian" simply do
not read and study the Bible. The excuse for not reading the Bible that I've heard the
most is that it "does not make sense".
It's true that the Bible if filled with prophetic visions and many end-time prophecies
however, the Bible makes alot of sense and their is nothing simpler than the simplicity
of Christ teachings.
One third of the Bible is prophecy, most of which is for the end time. But the Bible
also contains many prophecies which have already been fulfilled exactly as predicted.
It's all those fulfilled prophecies and those
still to come, that should move you to blow the
dust off your Bible and begin studying.

John The Revelator
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